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About Us.

Why & Who.


ConciAge has emerged from an understanding that the journey to residential aged care is complex and often confusing. 

We approach the journey from a very different perspective to others, from a professional and compassionate project management approach rather than from an aged care or medical perspective.

For us this means that each client and their journey is different, as is that of the family and friends that accompany them on their way.

ConciAge is not an aged care provider, we don’t offer in home care, we don't operate retirement villages nor are we real estate agents, accountants or solicitors.

ConciAge is and offers something very different, an individualised, professionalised aged care management service that works for you and on your behalf. 

Respect is at the core of our business.

Transparency and integrity are key to the way we interact with clients, our providers and our people and you will see this in all that we do.
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ConciAge Consultants have all successfully undergone our intensive interviewing, reference and police checks.

ConciAge, since its inception, has engaged a Consultant Aged Care Social Worker (Bachelor of Social Work, Diploma of Quality Auditing, member of the Association of Gerontology) and other professionals to ensure best practice. 

The General Manager of ConciAge is Melissa Jones (MBA, Grad Cert. Comms., B.A.).  Her knowledge emerges from the experience  of her family and their aged care journey over the last 20+ years. 

Melissa has gained a very practical knowledge of the sector from the viewpoint of a participant not a provider. It is from this perspective that ConciAge operates and relates.  

Melissa's diverse background includes negotiation & project management. ConciAge’s focus is developing individualised strategies to ensure the best outcomes.

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