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Our Services

ConciAge Professionally Manages Every Part of Your Transition to Residential Aged Care.
ConciAge accompanies you or your family member on the journey to residential aged care.
We listen to you to understand your needs, develop an individualised plan to manage each of the elements, engage the providers and then professionally manage the process for you.

ConciAge will match you with one of our Consultants, who will accompany you on your entire journey.
Your Consultant will provide regular updates on your progress against your individually designed plan so you understand where you are and what comes next.
Each step of the way we will communicate with you, providing you options and respecting your wishes.  We acknowledge and respect the depth and complexity of each individual's strengths and their challenges.
ConciAge has a person-centred care approach, our focus is on promoting independence and informed decision making.
By understanding your goals and care needs we will work with you towards a positive ageing experience.
Your individualised plan will include some or all of the following elements depending on your needs.
ConciAge Professionally Manages Each Element of Your Transition to Residential Aged Care, we will:

Address Immediate Needs

Address any immediate needs that have arisen because of a health or other issues.


Address any immediate needs that have arisen because of a health or other issues.

Navigate Assessment and Funding Eligibility

The Commonwealth Government Assessment and Application Process (that's My Aged Care and ACAT) is complex and bureaucratic. ConciAge will navigate this process for you.


Navigate ‘My Aged Care’ the Commonwealth Government entry point to access aged care services including home care packages and residential aged care services

Connect with A.C.A.T. (the Aged Care Assessment Team), who will assess care needs and approve funding eligibility to access Commonwealth government funded aged care facilities.

Where eligibility criteria for Commonwealth subsidies are not met or there is a waiting list, we will work with you to locate appropriate support and services. For example D.V.A. (Department of Veteran Affairs) or private providers.

Work with you to understand what options are likely to be  financially beneficial.  This is essential for self -funded retirees who at times may find private services are a more cost effective option.

Manage Your Search For the Right Residential Care

Finding the right residential care is often difficult and always time consuming. ConciAge will manage this search for you.


Identify a residential aged care placement service for you and coordinate their services on your behalf.

Assist you in completion of Centrelink and other required documentation.

Accompany you on tours of residential aged care facilities or attend on your behalf.

Talk through your options with you, and where appropriate your family, to ensure you are comfortable with the decisions you are about to make.

Provide Options for Your Current Home & Prepare for your Move

The decisions about the future of your home are often extremely difficult. ConciAge will provide you options & whether you choose to keep, rent or sell your home we will manage the process for you. When the time comes we will co-ordinate packing with sensitivity and focus on minimising the stress of your move.


Provide options and information for you to decide whether to keep, rent or sell your current home.

If your choice is to rent or sell, then identify a licensed real estate agent appropriate to your circumstances and if required solicitors or conveyancers.

If the decision is to rent or sell prepare your home to maximise the return including painting or styling if desired.

Support you through what is often a difficult process sifting through life’s memories and treasures. Co-ordinate with loved ones on destination of treasures (by video link, skype etc if desired).

Ready new your home to ensure everything is in place for when you move (including any new or additional items). Arrange any storage and shipping required.

Manage Your Move & Settle you into your New Home

Moving can be hard but when it is to a new stage of life it can be even harder. ConciAge will co-ordinate the packing and delivery of a lifetime of memories, your move and ready your destination for your arrival.


Accompany you on your move and unpack at your new home and ensure that is needed is in place, items such as furniture and electrics. 

Advocate for any assessments required.

Purchase any new or additional items needed or wanted.

Work through the new resident paperwork with you  & accompany you on your orientation (if desired)

Ensure you have access to all the services you need and want & find and organise social activities, hobbies or interests for you.

Ongoing Support - We Are There For You

ConciAge support continues providing advocacy services, entertainment, social support, whatever you need.


Provide advocacy services on an ongoing basis and be available to discuss and assist with any issues.

Ensure that all medical and allied health professional have been identified.  Future legal, medical and end of life plans are in place.

Ensure social activities continue for example shopping, dancing, visits, holidays.

Provide ongoing support. We will be there for you.